Glove Lights Lend Magic To A Rave Party

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Glove Lights Lend Magic To A Rave Party

Glove Lights Lend Magic To A Rave Party

Light shows are an integral part of rave parties. Rave lights such as LEDs, blinking strobes, glow sticks and flash lights add a psychedelic feel to a rave party. Add to that rave glove lights, and the fun of dressing up especially for a rave party reaches new heights. Rave glove lights are worn not just to accessorize one's outfit but also to introduce an element of fun to the rave party. Glove lights can be used as props or accessories to escalate the party mood and get into the groove of rave light oriented dances.

Glove lights are available in a variety of forms and varying low and high intensity settings to create multiple special effects and patterns. Moreover, glove lights also come in exclusive colors to create different patterns in a typically dark ambience. Watching glove lights swaying in diverse movements in the dark is indeed amazing and lends the rave party a surreal effect. In fact, owing to their extreme popularity, glove lights are now available in glove sets comprising between five and ten pairs of stretchable glow gloves, black magic gloves and white magic gloves.

True to their name, these glove sets comprise gloves that glow as well as glove lights that create a magical effect in dark. Because these finger lights gloves are stretchable, they fit adult hands of almost any size.

The most popularly used LED glove lights include:




Photon Freedoms


Each of these types of glove lights, glove sets and finger lights gloves are further available in solid, single strobe, 2 color strobe, 2 color hyper strobe, 3 color strobe, 3 color dash, 3 color ribbon, 6 color strobe, 7 color strobe/ribbon, 7 color fade, X-fusion, tri-ribbon, fade, blending bliss and a host of other options. With such an extensive variety of glove lights available, one can only imagine the level of excitement a rave party or a glove light show can attain.

These glove lights employ innovative technology to flow with the music and create thrilling patterns and interesting effects. From solid lines to strobe effects, dotted patterns and symmetrical shapes, glove lights can create multiple hypnotic magical effects and spell-bind the crowd at any rave or glove light party. Thus, glove lights are much more than mood setters; they are a perfect blend of art, imagination and technology. Due to their immense popularity, glove lights are used all the time in glove light shows and EDM clubs too.

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