Causes For Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Warning

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Causes For Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Warning

Whenever you see on your Xbox 360 3 red lights flashing, it is not a good sign at all. People will usually panic and immediately call in for Microsoft support, without thinking for at least a moment about the things that can logically cause the problem. Some of those people are simply inexperienced with electronics and do not know what else to do, and others are so afraid that the console will break down now, when the warranty period is already gone, that they will not risk any other action from their part.

The Xbox 360 3 red lights that flash in this situation are the ones located on the left half of the ring of light and the lower right one. The only light that is not red is the one on the upper right of the circle. This is in fact a simple error message encrypted by Microsoft to warn users that something is wrong with the console.

There are two main causes behind the Xbox 360 3 red lights warning. The first thing that can be wrong is an issue that is easily fixed and it is related to the power supply. Behind the console, there is another light indicator, next to the power cord. In normal circumstances, this indicator should be green, which means normal power is flowing into the Xbox. If the Xbox 260 3 red lights are flashing, it's highly probable that it is red, orange or not turned on at all, which indicated a damage in the cord, a problem with the power tension or the fact that there is no power.

Simply turning off and then on the console will fix the Xbox 360 3 red lights issue if this is the cause. If the console is not overheated and the Xbox 360 3 red lights warning still appears even after you've tried this, then the problem might come from inside the console, having to do something with a hardware issue. There are plenty internet guides for fixing the Xbox that can provide a step by step informational description for each solution.

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